A selection of works from the New England N.S.W Australia

2019 HIA Australian GreenSmart Energy Efficiency Home of the Year.

The solar passive home optimises northern glazing, intelligent zoning, extensive insulation and cross-ventilation principles to ensure its homeowners enjoy the advantage of near-zero energy costs. Beautifully-designed, it is perfectly ventilated to take full advantage of the cool summer breezes and insulated to retain the winter sun thanks to precise orientation in its off-the-grid rural location.

Architect: John Kurko RAIA 10003, New England Architecture.

Clients: Max + Lyn Batterham

Builder: Aaron Lawson, Aztek Constructions.

Cabinetry: Luke Jenkins, Recycled Australian Cedar.

Polished concrete bench-tops: Industrial AF. Stonemason:

Phil Sanderson, PJ’s Stonework. (Locally Sourced)

Woodville Apple Shed Adaptive Re-use: Apple Shed Studio.

Adaptive reuse of the Woodville Apple Sheds, and garden Arbor to connect the Manor built in the early 1900s. This project

Architect: John Kurko RAIA 10003, New England Architecture.

Clients: Louis + Wendy van Ekert

Builder: Hunt Constructions.

Stonemason: Hans Model (Locally Sourced)

Lortz Building + Short Stay Accommodation: Uralla N.S.W.

Commercial building and short stay accomodation pavillions in a heritage conservation area, located on the main street of Uralla. Using local trades, and designed to be fully accessible the addition contributes to the main street whilst respecting the character of the town.

Architect: John Kurko RAIA 10003, New England Architecture.

Clients: Angus and Laura McLean

Builder: Piglet Constructions.

Lortz Pavilions coming Soon!

Armidale Aboriginal Community Garden

Shelters and a new entrance to the community gardens in Armidale. The two small shelters provide a new space in this important site, for yarning, performance and celebration. One is to be situated between the fire-pit and echidna, and the other further down the garden site, just before the garden beds. The entrance arbour to the community garden is planned to decorated with sculptures and engravings of significance to the community.

Architect, John Kurko

Builders: Greg Ahoy, in collaboration with Backtrack Youthworks.

Funding, in collaboration with Homes North.

158 Jessie Street: Loft living in a Heritage Conservation Area

Maintaining the Character of the street this renovation utilises the volume of the bungalow form to create loft living over two levels to the rear, providing light and function to this delightful home.

Architect, John Kurko

Builders: Flemming and Burton.

Rowea Cottage – Uralla NSW
ZeroNet energy Town Case Study House:
Video Credit ZNet Uralla

Architect: John Kurko RAIA 10003, New England Architecture.

Clients: Bob and Wendy3 Anderson

Builder: Hunt Constructions.

Lucy House: Accessible Housing Conversion.
Architect: John Kurko RAIA 10003, New England Architecture.

Builder: Marquardt Constructions.

Matilda Cottage: Addition.
Architect: John Kurko RAIA 10003, New England Architecture.

Builder: Hunt Constructions.

Close to Completion

New Motel In Armidale Coming 2021
Architect: John Kurko RAIA 10003 + Coast Arc.

Builder: Rice Constructions.

Key Project 2015 to 2020:

• Subdivision, and mixed-use commercial development Uralla N.S.W.

• Multi-Unit Housing Project Armidale, consisting of Two Townhouses and four independent units with 7.5 Star rating

• Homes North Inverell N.S.W. Office Relocation

• Rural Residential subdivision and House Rocky River N.S.W.

• 30 to 50 room Motel Feasibility study, Concept design and DA

• Alternate Root Cafe two-storey commercial Uralla N.S.W.

• Williams Residence Uralla N.S.W.

• Rusden Street Feasibility Commercial Armidale N.S.W.

• Faulkner Street Extensions Armidale N.S.W.

• Plane Ave Multi-Unit Housing/ subdivision Uralla N.S.W.

• White House School Dormitory Accommodation Armidale N.S.W.

• Collangi Homestead Willow Tree N.S.W.

• Invergowrie Station Forge and Archives Invergowrie N.S.W.

• St Alberts College Dilapidation and Feasibility Report Armidale

• Hannas Arcade Refurbishment Armidale N.S.W.

• Spring Camp Residence Enmore N.S.W

• Coles Armidale extension Concept Design Armidale N.S.W.

• King Street Multi-Unit Housing Concept Uralla N.S.W.

• Woodville Out House Studio Uralla N.S.W.

• Lortz Building Commercial and Short Stay Accommodation Uralla

• Lucy House Accessible Housing Armidale N.S.W.

• Caltex refurbishment and feasibility Uralla N.S.W.

• Multi-Unit Housing Concept and Marketing Armidale N.S.W.

• Gerrie residence Glencoe N.S.W.

• Visitor Information Centre and Library Relocation

• Brewery Cellar Door Uralla N.S.W. (New England Brewing Co.)

• Armidale City Revitalisation images

• Rowea Residence Uralla N.S.W.